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XOHN Music


XOHN is an Urban Contemporary/Indie-Pop artist based in Los Angeles, California devoted to creating timeless bodies of works through sound and vision. XOHN's debut studio album titled "627" is a love letter of self-expression narrating his re-birth experience. June 27th is his date of birth, which led him to title his album "627" and release it on June 27th, 2022. Each song is a page of his diary. "627" is a record reflecting the re-birth of XOHN; the artist, human, and soul. 


XOHN creates art filled with mantras of empowerment, soul, and funk! His work is purposed in advocating to uplift the collective spirit and remind the people that we shall rise from anything if we look within. "Music alters the mind in such powerful ways and heals from the outside, in." - XOHN believes nothing is separate but parallel, like the body to the spirit, the masculine to feminine, art to science, fashion to music, or the sun to the moon. Everything is GOD.


As the producer, songwriter, and performer of every body of work, XOHN loves piecing together honey-coated harmonies, innovative song silhouettes, and expansive musical vocabulary to lead the listener and himself to musical orgasm. His goal is to elevate the collective musical experience and how we listen to music.


"I am light" A few words that uplift and inspire me daily. With love at the center of each work, XOHN states " I am a vessel for the language of the God is love!

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